We all want to look great and stunning if not just smart and attractive. But then, only some of us are born gorgeous. And then again, beauty is no longer a matter of just having the right genes, thanks to overall advances in scientific knowledge and medicine.

And it is perfectly possible for one to look exactly the way one wants to and enjoy the confidence of knowing that they leave an impact on everybody they meet.

This is the core belief of the people behind Srimacs, the eminent Doctor couple of Dr. Sailaja Kaza and Dr. Surapaneni.

This husband wife team of Beauty and Wellness experts perfectly match each other in medical qualifications and form a team that truly complements each other.

Dr. Sailaja Kaza is a Skin Care Physician with a Post-Graduate qualification in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine while Dr. Surapaneni is a Cosmetic Surgeon. Together they are slowly defining beauty and attractiveness by making it possible for everyone to look good.

The couple has commendable international experience in the fields of dermatology and cosmetic surgery with both of them involved in a 3 year stint with the famous dermatologist Prof. R. D. Azulay and world renowned aesthetic plastic surgeon Prof. Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. This apart, Dr. Sailaja worked in the University of Pennsylvania with Dr. William James while Dr. Surapaneni trained with Dr. Giorgio Fischer at Rome and Dr. Nicanor Isse at California.

Back in India, the Doctor couple complement each other as a team, the working of which is best explained by Dr. Sailaja herself - " the very fact that we belong to different specialties of Medicine aiming at the same goal helps us a lot. I take care of the medical skin rejuvenation aspect of an individual while he takes care of the surgical aspectsand many a times we need to go hand in hand". While Dr. Sailaja takes care of skin care, Dr. Surapaneni takes care of body toning and shaping.

A wholistic solution to all your beauty, attractiveness and "personal impact" needs. Just visit the Doctor couple!

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