How often have you thought that life would be simpler if you could look the way you wanted to, devoid of the bulges, blots and blemishes? Or, wished that you could enhance your existing beauty by just that little alteration. How often have you thought life could be just great if you didn’t have to be content with what you were born with, but be an exciting, attractive new person?

Fortunately, gone are those days when one could only wish and do no more. The wonders of cosmetic surgery have opened up new vistas for those who believe in looking and feeling perfect.

A doctor couple, Dr. Sailaja Kaza Surapaneni and Dr. Srinivasa Rao Surapaneni are helping people realize their dreams. The former is a skin care physician with a post-graduate qualification in Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine while the latter is a cosmetic surgeon. Their international experience is formidable, having honed their skills under the world renowned dermatologist Prof. R. D. Azulay, and under the equally famous aesthetic plastic surgeon Prof. Ivo Pitanguy, respectively. Dr. Sailaja has also worked at the University of Pennsylvania with Dr. William James, USA while DR. Surapaneni did a stint with Dr. Giorgio Fischer of Rome and another with Dr. Nicanor Isse of California.

The couple then came to India and now practice as consultants at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Ministers Road, Secunderabad.

The two doctors complement each other very well. Says Sailaja, " we belong to different specializations of medicine, but pursue the same goal. I take care of the medical skin rejuvenation aspect of an individual while his area is surgical shape renaissance with brazilian body contouring surgical techniques. Many times our efforts go hand in hand in reinventing a person."

The "SRI - Medical Aesthetics & Cosmetic Surgery" clinic which they set up in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, is a state-of-the-art establishment using international craftsmanship. Cosmetic care using lasers, Botox, acid peels, micropigmentation, hair transplants, forehead, face and neck lifts, nose jobs, facial implants, breast modifications, tummy tucks, total body liposculpture, obesity and acne management...are all available for those who would like to regain their old charms or just want a newer, more beautiful look.

Sailaja believes that looking beautiful is everyone's right. "Looking good is feeling good. When you have the means available to feel good, nothing should stop you from going ahead and making your dreams come true."


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