Redefining beauty

10th MAY' 2004, MONDAY,

( a supplement with THE ECCONOMIC TIMES.)

Beauty is in the eyes of the be holder the old timers may say. But so is not the case, as beauty has changed definitions. The recent advances in scientific knowledge has allowed any individual to look the way he or she wants to be. They do not have to be told by someone else that 'you look good'. Because they know they do.

The doctor couple of Dr. Sailaja Kaja and Dr. Surapaneni believe that. Dr. Sailaja Kaja, a skin care physician with a post graduate qualification in Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine and Dr.Surapaneni, a Cosmetic Surgeon are defining the way people feel and define themselves. A three year stint in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil under the famous dermatologist Prof. R.D.Azulay and world renowned a esthetic plastic surgeon Prof. IvoPitanguy, helped them to fine tune their skills. Dr.Sailaja had some international experience when she worked in University of Pennsylvania with Dr.William James, USA. Meanwhile, Dr. Surapaneni had trained with Dr, Giorgio Fischer of Rome, Italy and Dr. Nicanor Isse of California, USA. After that the Couple began to put into practice what they had learnt. They are right now working at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad.

The two compensate each other very well. Sailaja concerns herself with skincare while Surapaneni takes care about body toning and shaping. Says Sailaja " the very fact that we belong to different specialties of medicine aiming at the goal helps us a lot. I take care of the medical skin Rejuvenation aspect of an on individual while he takes care of the surgical aspects and many a times we need to go hand in hand".
The couple has clinic 'SRI-Medical Aesthetic & Cosmetic Surgery' at Banjarahills, to provide customised care with solitude. It's a state of the art clinic with their expertise on any issue of cosmetic care that medical world can provide. Sailaja believes that to look good beautiful is everyone’s right. Gone are the days when you had to carry yourselves, the way you were born. " Looking good means feeling good and if you have the technologies and the doctors who can do that for you, then why not go for it," says Sailaja. Some of the treatments in which they are experts are Lasers, Botox, Microdermabrasion, acid peels, Hair transplants, Forehead, Face, Neck lifts, Nose job, Facial Implants, Breast modifications, Tummy tucks, Total body Liposculpture, Obesity & Acne management.

After all the time they have put into their career, the couple have a track record they can be proud of. The move now, is to show and share the knowledge and expertise they have garnered till now. They are an apt example where in the man and the woman work together at the most basic level of society.

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